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Allen and Page Horsefeeds

Allen & Page Horse Feeds  produce a complete range of natural horse feed made in a non-gm Soil Association licensed mill. Our Horse Feeds contain ONLY the highest quality ingredients and are approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Baileys Horse Feeds

Baileys Horse Feeds Family owned and run, by horse owners, Baileys has established itself as a leader in equine nutrition. Offering a complete range of products, all meticulously prepared with the latest technology, there is something to suit every horse and rider – with free advice on hand from a team of top nutritionists

The 100% natural Beaufeed Horse Liquid Supplement (Beauequine) is available in both 2L and 5L containers. The supplement, that is suitable for all ages and breeds, will energise horses who are ill, stressed or heavily worked as well as bringing relief to older horses. The totally natural feed supplement harnesses the full health benefits of one of the world’s most nutritious natural products - the Seabuckthorn plant.

Blue Chip Feed Balancers


Blue Chip Blue Chip Feed was founded in February 1996 by Clare Blaskey and was named after her horse, Blue Chip. Blue Chip offers a range of natural supplements and feed balancers for horses and ponies alike; for youngstock to veterans, for competition horses to injured horses, for the race horse to the show horse, for breeding to endurance... 95% of Blue Chip customers notice an improvement in their horse!!

Blue Grass Horsefeeds
Bluegrass Horse Feeds is a range of horse feeds manufactured by A.N Irwin & Sons - a family run company that have been making high quality animal feed for over 100 years. Years of experience, high standards of ingredients and an open mind to research has seen develop Bluegrass as a major horse feed, respected throughout Ireland and the UK by breeders, trainers and competitors. The range of horse feeds completely covers all aspects of equestrian from the pet pony to the high demands of 3 day eventing and racing. Bluegrass only use the very best of ingredients in all mixes and concentrate feeds, ensuring that your horse receives the correct balanced diet.

Bluegrass are Ireland's exclusive KER Team Member (Kentucky Equine Research
)  thus joining an international network of horsefeed manufacturers devoted to the advancement of equine nutrition

Brinicombe Equine
Brinicombe Equine is a family business that realizes the importance of a fit and healthy horse. It is this understanding, combined with over 30 years manufacturing excellence that brings you an entire range of top quality, nutritional products specifically formulated to suit every type of horse, from leisure to competition to racehorses. The company is recognized for its innovative formulas, such as the first ever nutritional fly deterrent ‘Think Fly’, the unique low sugar licks ‘HerbiLIX’ and our ground-breaking new supplement ‘Think Itch’. Brinicombe Equine products are endorsed by leading riders, including Lucy Wiegersma.

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British Horse Feeds

British Horse Feeds manufacture Speedi-Beet is a unique sugar beet product that has been developed after a program of intensive research. Its most remarkable feature is its dramatic reduction in soaking time. Where conventional sugar beet products can take up to 24 hours to soak prior to use, Speedi-Beet can be ready in less than 10 minutes! Not only that but the product is unmolassed. Speedi-Beet is convenient and advantageous for horse owners because it enables them to prepare the beet alongside their other feeds rather than having to plan long in advance. Fibre-Beet is the brand new quick-soaking conditioning feed from the makers of Speedi-Beet They also manufacture The Majestic Horse feed range

Chestnut HorsefeedsChestnut Horse Feeds
operate from the heart of Warwickshire and offer a complete range of natural feeds to suit every type of horse. Our complete feeds are based on a unique long chop fibre, which helps promote better gastric health & well being for your horse. We also offer a range of straights & complementary feeds. All of our feeds are produced using the finest quality locally sourced ingredients & are available in bags or our totally unique BULK BINS. These WATERPROOF, RODENTPROOF bins get delivered to your yard full of the chestnut horse feed of you choice. Bin is on a free loan for the shelf life of the feed. When your running low simply re-order & we replace it with a new full one.

Contact our office for feeding advice or information on our BULK BINS.

Dengie Dengie Feeds

Dengie Horse Feeds is the largest producer of high temperature dried alfalfa (lucerne) in the UK. Dengie branded products have acquired a high profile within the animal feed sector . The nutritionists at Dengie combine practical experience of feeding horses, with qualifications and up to the minute research and technology to offer you a free evaluation of your horse or pony's current diet and suggestions on where improvements can be made.

Dollin & Morris
Dollin & Morris manufactures Sweet Meadow Feeds at Standon Mill in Staffordshire. The rations are produced on a human food style production line in a registered quality assured mill to give the horse owner maximum confidence in the products.
The flagship of the range is the highly respected Sweet Meadow Herbal Coarse Mix, one of the first in the market place to offer a high inclusion of herbs in a highly digestible muesli. The formulations, based on cooked cereals, are tailored to produce the optimum levels of digestible energy with the minimum of excitability. All ingredients are non-genetically modified. The brand of Sweet Meadow is proud to have one of the country's leading equine nutritionists, Dr. David Frape, available to provide technical support.
Sweet Meadow Feeds are the Quiet-Energisers.

Equiform Nutrition

Equiform N
utrition has been established in equine nutrition for over 100 years with its complete range of vitamin and mineral supplements. All our products are chosen or designed for their purity by qualified analysts and are formulated using the most up to date technology and information.Based at our modern purpose built production facilities, products are produced to the highest quality control standards and production techniques, based on our GMP and ISO 9002 accreditation and production control procedures.

Equine Health and Herbal
Equine Health and Herbal  for high quality hygiene, health & liquid herbal products for horses & ponies. Equine Health & Herbal are the manufacturers of No-Bute, just one of their products that fall naturally into place. 

EquimoreEquimore Guaranteed 100% natural vegetarian equine feed supplements! Equimore produces horse feed supplements using only natural vegetarian products, which will promote natural equine health without the use of artificial or synthetic ingredients. The range includes Equimore No.1 - a 100% natural ingredient based alternative vitamin and mineral supplement; Vegetarian Glucosamine - the only wholly glucosamine joint supplement in the UK that is vegetarian; Psyllium Husks - a natural digestive support; Garlic Flakes - best quality chunky flakes; Seaweed; Sea Salt; Magnesium Oxide; Vegetarian MSM; Brewer's Yeast; Micronised Linseed; Flaxseed oil; range of Herbs.

Equilibra is a low rate daily feed, designed to help establish and maintain a high population of beneficial microflora in the hindgut. This microflora has the ability to break down high levels of fibre and cellulose found in forage, allowing a much higher percentage of the nutrients within the feed to be utilised as they pass through the gut.

Feedmark Feedmark

Feedmark  have specialised in equine nutrition since 1979, and pride themselves on their reputation for first rate advice and customer service in addition to a range of top quality equine products. Their proven range of feed supplements includes the original natural calmative Steady-Up, the well established broad spectrum vitamin and mineral mixture Benevit, and new antacid Settelex, which helps to stop cribbing. Feedmark offer a direct mail order service with a freephone orderline, a free nutrition and feeding advice line and free next day delivery of products.

Friendship Estates LtdFriendship Estates Ltd    Licensed producers and distributors of the Marksway HorseHage range of dust-free bagged forage available in 4 varieties – Ryegrass, High Fibre, Timothy and Lucerne. The comprehensive Mollichaff range offers a choice of high quality fibre feeds in various tasty options - Original, Extra, Herbal, Applechaff, Showshine, Veteran, Hoofkind, Calmer, Donkey, Alfalfa Oil, High Fibre Alfalfa and Barley Plus. Alongside this Friendship Estates also solely manufacture and distribute ReadiGrass – the original dried grass, made exclusively from British pastures. A range of small animal products are available – Friendly ReadiGrass, Hutch Hemp and Friendly Natural Cat Litter.

Global Herbs


Global Herbs Herbs for Horses
Laminitis Specialists, Horse Health, Pet & Human Health A veterinary based herbal service by Global Herbs UK Top quality herbs for horses, pets, farm animals and also for people. Expert veterinary advice by phone. (ensuring you get the results you need)

Honeychop Horse FeedsHoneychop Horse Feeds The Honeychop range of molassed chaff horse feed is different from any other.  They only use the finest quality oat straw, for example, rather than wheat or barley straw. They  make sure every other ingredient is as natural as it can be, and  prepare it under strict controls. The result is a horse feed that is high in fibre, palatable and, above all, nutritious and safe making it the natural choice for your horse or pony.


Horslyx + Forage = A Happy, Healthy Horse

Horslyx is a Vitamin, Mineral and Trace Element lick for horses. Forage is the most important part of your horse’s diet; however it can be deficient in many of the nutrients that the horse requires. Horslyx contains a high specification of vitamins, minerals and trace elements designed to balance these nutrient deficiencies resulting in a happy, healthy horse. The palatable and weatherproof lick provides a natural, trickle feeding pattern which allows the horse to self-regulate and consume Horslyx as and when he needs it resulting in better digestion and less stress. All equines, from a child’s Shetland Pony, to a competitive racehorse, can benefit from the comprehensive nutrient package and little and often feeding pattern that Horslyx encourages. So if you are looking for a simple way to balance your horse’s diet then Horslyx could be the answer! 

Northern Crop Driers

Northern Crop Driers Ltd   have been involved in producing high quality horse feed for almost 30 years. Established in 1975 it is a family run firm that has expanded into the horse bedding market with MEGAZORB as well as the specialist horse feed market with GRAZE-ON. To find out more about these exclusive products browse through their web pages.

Pegasus HealthPegasus Health markets a wide range of natural equine supplements, mostly to the trade but also to individuals who can't find our products locally. Our Ayurvedic Range from India comprises herbal formulae which address many common equine problems and really do promote normal good health very well. Our Straight Herbs range covers a wide selection of natural herbs of top quality and Our General Supplements Range provides excellent value and quality including many old favourites. It is our policy to find the best quality ingredients and market them at sensible prices, giving the most up-to-date advice to our customers.

Rockies Equine Range

Rockies a division of Tithebarn Ltd.  Rockies provide mineral and trace element supplementation in a simple and cost effective way.  Manufactured from purified Cheshire vacuum dried crystal salt, "Rockies" are an effective carrier for mineral and trace elements essential for equine performance.  The self-limiting nature of salt means optimum intakes throughout the year. The new Five Star Horse Lick from contains trace elements and herbs needed by horses and ponies.  The licks are also more durable and have enhanced palatability from a new apple flavouring and fenugreek.    

Riaflex equine joint supplementsRiaflex Equine The powerful formulas of Riaflex products have been developed by Kate Williams, an established sports and equine therapist with a wealth of experience in joint care and a dedication to equine health. Through her work she was surprised to find that it was not possible to source an equine joint supplement containing the three essential joint compounds at the necessary levels for most effective joint treatment. As a result she formulated her own high strength therapy grade joint supplements. Riaflex use natural ingredients that are supported with substantial scientific research providing a tailor made product both for treatment of existing joint problems and to help maintenance of performance in competition and working horses. These products provide exceptional therapy grade dosing levels, which have resulted in probably the best joint products becoming available to the caring horse owner. Providing your horse with the optimum daily dosage of joint supplement compounds is paramount to your horse’s health, which is why as a therapist Kate guarantees Riaflex to be of the highest quality, at affordable prices with fully effective doses. Riaflex are a range of products that really work

Target Feeds

Rowen Barbary Horse Feeds have many years experience in the manufacture of quality feedstuffs and have many feeds and specialist products available for today's equines. Continually working hard at maintaining our position as one of the best. We are an enthusiastic company dedicated to preparing quality feeds. Our nutritionists and equine specialists provide nutritionally effective feeds at competitive prices. The Soft n' Soak range and supplements from Sumo proving ever popular.

Saracen Horse Feeds is a division of the William Lillico Group of companies - an independent family business with more than 150 years experience in manufacturing animal feeds. Saracen Horse Feeds have researched and formulated a comprehensive range of highly digestible feeds so that every type of horse is catered for in any given circumstance.  A team of highly qualified and experienced nutritionists have designed the Saracen range to cater for the needs of all types of horses. Saracen Horse Feeds offer "FeedCheck" as a service. FeedCheck is an advanced computer feeding programme that calculates an individual horse's specific nutritional needs Saracen have just launched Donkey Diet another specialist feed.

Simple System Ltd
 Simple System Horse Feeds  working with Nature. We all know how important fibre is as the major part of the diet of our horses. Simple System Ltd has proved that, using a variety of fibre sources in conjunction with oil-bearing seeds, we can feed our horses without the use of cereals, supplements and molassed feeds. It is feeding horses as closely as possible to the way nature intended and the more we work in sympathy with the nature of the horse, the fewer problems we experience. We use only the very best ingredients as it not just enough to exclude starchy grains etc. but essential that only very best sources of fibre are used. We use no molasses, no artificial vitamins, no straw, or any other cereal products and no soya – ever! We also respect the horse as an obligate herbivore (vegan) and never use any animal products in our feeds. We are the only horse feed company to have our full range of products registered with the Vegan Society.

Spillers Horse Feeds

SPILLERS® created the original compound horse feed in the UK in the 1950’s. Since that time SPILLERS® have led the way in innovative nutritional products. We are passionate in our desire to benefit the lives of horses and ponies of all types, through the very best products that equine nutrition can offer. The SPILLERS® name is synonymous with proven feed formulations and expertise providing the best in equine health. The British Olympic and Paralympic teams have used SPILLERS® feeds since 1968.

TopSpec Equine
TopSpec is owned and run by experienced equine nutritionists who have been providing specialist advice to all sectors of the equine industry for over twenty years. Launched as a national company in the spring of 2000, their well-proven products are now available from leading retailers throughout the UK and Ireland. They manufacture top specification equine supplements and feed balancers, produced to the highest standards available.
TopSpec has developed a unique new product based on well-researched scientific principles, which enables horse owners to reduce the number of supplements fed to their horses. This has been done by including all the most commonly needed specific supplements on a broad-spectrum base, and all within one fully comprehensive product. It is available in two forms: TopSpec.comprehensive supplement and TopSpec Feed Balancer

Winergy naturally balnced horse feed

Winergy Who is giving you naturally balanced feed straight out of the bag?  WE is.  Winergy Equilibrium uses fibre and oil with carefully controlled levels of starch as an energy source instead of traditional cereals found in mixes and cubes.  If your horse has got more individual feeding requirements, Winergy Equilibrium could be just what you’re looking for.  WE and You.  Keep your horse in great shape.




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